Ke Xu Group

Our Research

Multifunctional & multidimensional superresolution microscopy

Selected work:

L. Xiang||, K. Chen||, R. Yan, W. Li, K. Xu*, "Single-molecule displacement mapping unveils nanoscale heterogeneities and charge effects in intracellular diffusivity," [Link]
bioRxiv, 2019.

J. Kim, M. Wojcik, Y. Wang, S. Moon, E. A. Zin, N. Marnani, Z. L. Newman, J. G. Flannery, K. Xu*, X. Zhang*, "Oblique-plane single-molecule localization microscopy for tissues and small intact animals," [Link]
Nature Methods, DOI:10.1038/s41592-019-0510-z, 2019.

D. I. Danylchuk||, S. Moon||, K. Xu*, A. S. Klymchenko*, "Tailor-made switchable solvatochromic probes for live-cell super-resolution imaging of plasma membrane organization," [Link]
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., DOI:10.1002/anie.201907690, 2019.

T. Kim||, S. Moon||, K. Xu*, "Information-rich localization microscopy through machine learning," [Link]
Nature Commun., 10, 1996, 2019.

R. Yan||, S. Moon||, S. J. Kenny||, K. Xu*, "Spectrally resolved and functional super-resolution microscopy via ultrahigh-throughput single-molecule spectroscopy," [Invited review] [Link]
Acc. Chem. Res., 51, 697-705, 2018.

L. Xiang, M. Wojcik, S. J. Kenny, R. Yan, S. Moon, W. Li, K. Xu*, "Optical characterization of surface adlayers and their compositional demixing at the nanoscale," [Link]
Nature Commun., 9, 1435, 2018.

S. Moon||, R. Yan||, S. J. Kenny, Y. Shyu, L. Xiang, W. Li, K. Xu*, "Spectrally resolved, functional super-resolution microscopy reveals nanoscale compositional heterogeneity in live-cell membranes," [Link]
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139, 10944-10947, 2017.

D. Kim, Z. Zhang, K. Xu*, "Spectrally resolved super-resolution microscopy unveils multipath reaction pathways of single spiropyran molecules, "[Link]
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139, 9447-9450, 2017.

Z. Zhang, S. J. Kenny, M. Hauser, W. Li, K. Xu*, "Ultrahigh-throughput single-molecule spectroscopy and spectrally resolved super-resolution microscopy," [Link]
Nature Methods, 12, 935-938, 2015

Nanoscale cell biology

Selected work:

S. J. Kenny||, X. S. Chen||, L. Ge, K. Xu*, "Super-resolution microscopy unveils FIP200-scaffolded, cup-shaped organization of mammalian autophagic initiation machinery," [Link]

bioRxiv, 2019.

L. Yuan, S. J. Kenny, J. Hemmati, K. Xu, R. Schekman*, "TANGO1 and SEC12 are copackaged with procollagen I to facilitate the generation of large COPII carriers," [Link]
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 115, E12255-E12264, 2018.

M. Hauser, R. Yan, W. Li, N. A. Repina, D. V. Schaffer, K. Xu*, "The spectrin-actin-based periodic cytoskeleton as a conserved nanoscale scaffold and ruler of the neural stem cell lineage," [Link]
Cell Rep., 24, 1512-1522, 2018.

L. Pan, R. Yan, W. Li, K. Xu*, "Super-resolution microscopy reveals the native ultrastructure of the erythrocyte cytoskeleton," [Link]
Cell Rep., 22, 1151-1158, 2018.

S. Köhler||, M. Wojcik||, K. Xu*, A. F. Dernburg*, "Superresolution microscopy reveals the three-dimensional organization of meiotic chromosome axes in intact Caenorhabditis elegans tissue, "[Link]
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 114, E4734-E4743, 2017.

A. Gorur, L. Yuan, S. J. Kenny, S. Baba, K. Xu, R. Schekman*, "COPII-coated membranes function as transport carriers of intracellular procollagen-I," [Link]
J. Cell Biol., 216, 1745-1759, 2017.

L. Ge, M. Zhang, S. J. Kenny, D. Liu, M. Maeda, K. Saito, A. Mathur, K. Xu, R. Schekman*, "Remodeling of ER-exit sites initiates a membrane supply pathway for autophagosome biogenesis, "[Link]
EMBO Rep., 18, 1586-1603, 2017.

Graphene microscopy and chemistry

Selected work:

S. Moon||, W. Li||, K. Xu*, "Graphene-enabled, spatially controlled electroporation of adherent cells for live-cell super-resolution microscopy," [Link]
bioRxiv, 2019.

Y. Li, W. Li, M. Wojcik, B. Wang, L.-C. Lin, M. B. Raschke, K. Xu*, "Light-assisted diazonium functionalization of graphene and spatial heterogeneities in reactivity," [Link]
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 10, 4788-4793, 2019.

W. Li, M. Wojcik, K. Xu*, "Optical microscopy unveils rapid, reversible electrochemical oxidation and reduction of graphene," [Link]
Nano Lett., 19, 983-989, 2019.

D. Joshi||, M. Hauser||, G. Veber, A. Berl, K. Xu*, F. R. Fischer*, "Super-resolution imaging of clickable graphene nanoribbons decorated with fluorescent dyes," [Link]
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 140, 9574-9580, 2018.

M. Wojcik||, Y. Li||, W. Li, K. Xu*, "Spatially resolved in situ reaction dynamics of graphene via optical microscopy,"[Link]
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139, 5836-5841, 2017.

W. Li||, S. Moon||, M. Wojcik||, K. Xu*, "Direct optical visualization of graphene and its nanoscale defects on transparent substrates,"[Link]
Nano Letters, 16, 5027-5031, 2016.

M. Wojcik||, M. Hauser||, W. Li, S. Moon, K. Xu*, "Graphene-enabled electron microscopy and correlated super-resolution microscopy of wet cells," [Link]
Nature Commun., 6, 7384, 2015