Ke Xu Group

We are an interdisciplinary lab that combines biophysics, physical chemistry, and cell biology to understand how orders emerge in biological systems at the nano-meter scale. We achieve this goal experimentally through the development and synergistic application of innovative quantitative methods such as super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.


Functional super-resolution microscopy for surface chemistry

Our new work in Nature Comm. reveals the fascinating nanoscale structure and composition of surface adlayers. [Link]

See also our other new work in ACS Nano and bioRxiv.

Congratulations to Limin, Michal, Sam, and all!

Our article in Accounts of Chemical Research

We summarize the rationale, design, and results of our recent efforts toward the integration of single-molecule spectroscopy with super-resolution microscopy. [Link]

Thanks goes to all past and current lab members, who made this possible.

Resolving the native ultrastructure of the erythrocyte cytoskeleton

Super-resolution microscopy resolves the cytoskeletal meshwork of intact erythrocytes and reveals an 80 nm junction-to-junction distance. [Link]

Congratulations Leiting, Rui, and Wan!

Our article in JACS

Our article “Spatially resolved in situ reaction dynamics of graphene via optical microscopy” has been published in Journal of the American Chemical Society!

Congratulations Michal, Yunqi, and Wan!

Our article in Chemical Reviews

Our article “Correlative Super-Resolution Microscopy: New Dimensions and New Opportunities” has been published in Chemical Reviews!

Congratulations Meg, Michal, Doory, and Wan! –Great way to start a new year!

Ke received the Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering!

Congratulations on your recent awards, Ke!

Ke named one of the Talented 12 by Chemical & Engineering News!

Ke received NSF CAREER Award and Beckman Young Investigators Award!

Our new work in Nano Letters!

Our new paper, "Direct Optical Visualization of Graphene and Its Nanoscale Defects on Transparent Substrates", has been published in Nano Letters! [Link]

Congratulations Wan, Seonah, and Michal!

Ke named a Sloan Research Fellow!

Ke has received the Sloan Research Fellowship!

Congratulations Ke!

Our new paper in Nature Methods!

Our new paper, “Ultrahigh-throughput single-molecule spectroscopy and spectrally resolved super-resolution microscopy”, has been published in Nature Methods! [Link]

See also news release by LBL: [Link]

Congratulations Zhengyang, Sam, Meg, and Wan!

Our first paper published in Nature Communications!

Our first paper, "Graphene-enabled electron microscopy and correlated super-resolution microscopy of wet cells," has been published in Nature Communications! [Link]

Congratulations Michal, Meg, and Seonah!

Ke named a Pew scholar!

The Pew scholars program supports investigators of outstanding promise in science relevant to the advancement of human health. Congratulations, Ke!

Ke named a Bakar Fellow!

The Bakar Fellows Program supports Berkeley faculty working to apply scientific discoveries to real-world issues in the fields of engineering, computer science, chemistry and biological and physical sciences. Congratulations, Ke!

Ke received an award from the Hellman Fellows Fund

The Hellman Fellows Fund supports the research of promising assistant professors who show capacity for great distinction in their research. Congratulations, Ke!

Michal won the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Congratulations Michal on winning the NSF fellowship!

Sam passed his qualifying exam

Congratulations Sam on passing your qualifying exam!

Michal passed his qualifying exam

Congratulations Michal on passing your qualifying exam!

Meg passed her qualifying exam

Congratulations Meg on passing your qualifying exam!

Welcome Dr. Zhengyang Zhang

Our first post-doc has arrived! We're happy to welcome Dr. Zhengyang Zhang to our group and to Berkeley. Zhengyang comes from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he worked on nonlinear optical spectroscopy.

Super-resolution microscope is up and running

The STORM setup in B307B is fully operational and has taken some of its first data. Thanks for all of the hard work setting it up, everyone!

Welcome to Berkeley!

The Ke Xu lab is almost operational after Ke and Michal worked hard setting it up over the summer. Welcome Michal, Sam, and Meg to the group!