Today is:

    Bioinformatics Tools
    ExPASy: Comprehensive bioinformatics resource portal 
    SoftBerry: Comprehensive bioinformatics resource portal
    RAST: The NMPDR, SEED-based, prokaryotic genome annotation service
    Secondary Metabolites Bioinformatics Portal: More tools and databases

    SBSPKSv2:  Prediction of PKS products and rational design of engineered polyketides  
    PKS-NRPS Analysisin silico pathways prediction method by Bachmann et al. 
    antiSMASH: A program for antibiotics & secondary metabolite prediction from genes
    BAGEL4: automated bacteriocin mining

    Clustal Omega: multiple sequence alignment program for DNA or proteins
    ESPript: drawing tool for multiple sequences aligment 
    FramePlot: ORF prediction for high GC-content bacteria 
    HHpred: Homology detection & structural prediction by HMM-HMM comparison 
    CODEHOP: Consensus-degenerate hybrid oligonucleotide primers design
    SignalP: A program for signal peptide cleavage sites prediction from protein sequences
    LipoP: Prediction of lipoproteins and signal peptide cleavage sites from protein sequences
    ProtParam: Computation of various physical and chemical parameters for proteins
    TOPCONS: Membrane protein topology prediction
    Protter: Protein sequence and topology visualization
    XtalPred-RF: Prediction of protein crystallizability

    Genomes & Enzymes Databases
    BRENDA: A comprehensive enzyme information system 
    E. Coli Genotypes
    SMURF: Secondary metabolites biosynthetic gene discovery in fungal genomes
    JGI Genome Portal: Comprehensive microbial genomes collections
    Pseudomonas aeruginosa Transposon Insertion Mutant Library

    Pseudomonas Genome Database
    REBASE: NEB-curated database of putative restriction-modification systems
    ThYme: Thioester-active enzymes database

    Other Useful Tools & Information
    Ammonium Sulfate Calculator: For estimating protein precipitation conditions
    XCMS: Metabolomics analysis
    PRIMe RIKEN: Metabolomics software and mass spectrum prediction (MS-FINDER)
    Molecular Formula Search: HRMS weight to molecular formula program
    Mass Spectrometry Adduct Calculator
    Fatty Acids: an integrated website for fatty acids properties
    NEB Tm Calculator
    Molarity Calculator
    Reaxys: Chemistry search engine
    Dictionary of Natural Products