Examining Plant Cell Wall Structure by NMR

The optimized production of the feedstock for biofuel production and its subsequent conversion to usable biofuels are complex processes. Analytical capabilities are necessary to track the chemical composition of materials throughout, starting in growing cells and ending with the composition of the final fuel material. NMR spectroscopy is one of the most versatile methods available for chemical analysis, but also has excellent capabilities for studying dynamic processes, and even the spatial distribution of compounds. This work applies NMR spectroscopy to analysis of feedstock materials, materials after various deconstruction reactions, and model systems for biofuel production. As needed for specific samples and analyses, new NMR experiments are being developed to provide desired information about chemical structures, dynamics, etc.

The Wemmer Lab collaborates with other groups in the EBI to analyze samples from various biochemical processes studied by the Institute using NMR spectroscopy.