Dr. Jeff Pelton

at berkeley dot edu
phone: (510) 666-2752
lab: B202A Stanley Hall

NMR Facility
Research Scientist and Resident NMR Superuser

Undergraduate: University of Michigan, Chemical Engineering
PhD: UC Berkeley, Biophysical Chemistry
Staff Fellow: NIH, Bethesda, MD
Research Scientist: LBNL

Research Interests: Application of high field NMR spectroscopy to biological molecules and natural products.

            Publications since 2000 

Hernandez, J.A., Phillips, A.H., Erbil, W.K., Zhao, D., Demuez, M., Zeymer, C., Pelton, J.G., Wemmer, D.E., Rubio, L.M.  (2011) A sterile alpha-motif domain in NafY targets apo-NifDK for iron-molybdenum cofactor delivery via a tethered domain. J. Biol. Chem. 286, p. 6321-6328.

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