Principal Investigator

Professor David E. Wemmer

dewemmer at lbl dot gov

Resident NMR Superuser

Dr. Jeff Pelton

jgpelton at berkeley dot edu

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Hagit Sorek

hagit at berkeley dot edu

Dr. Beibei Huang

huangbeibei at berkeley dot edu

Graduate Students

Alex Siegel

alexsiegel at berkeley dot edu

Jeaneun Park

witchjean at gmail dot com

Staff Scientists                                     Visiting Scholars

Dr. Kwang Seo Kim

kimks at berkeley dot edu


Administrative Assistant

Leslie Silvers

lsilvers at berkeley dot edu

Honorary Members

Keunhong Jeong

Mailing Lists
An email sent to these lists will go to multiple Wemmer Lab members:
  • wemmer at lists dot berkeley dot edu
    • All current members and honorary members listed on this page. Use for events.
  • wemmerlab at lists dot berkeley dot edu
    • Only people that actively use lab space. Use for messages that concern lab safety, equipment, cleanliness etc.

Visit the Alumni page to see former members of the Wemmer Lab.