Instructions for using the NMR Calendar


You will need a password to access the NMR calendar. Email Jeff Pelton (jgpelton at berkeley dot edu) for access. Once you have the password, click the button to go to the NMR Calendar login page:

View Calendar

Once logged in, you will see the calendar below. Descriptions are in red.

  • Reserved time slots show up as text boxes on the calendar of the appropriate color (500 MHz in yellow, 600 MHz in red, 800 MHz in blue).
  • The first person to sign up for a given magnet on a given day will show up at the top of the day on the calendar. If someone signs up for the same magnet on the same day they will show up second indicating they do not have the time but are waitlisted for it should the first person cancel.
  • Nitrogen fill happens on Thursdays at around 9am. All experiments must be completed before 10am. New experiments can begin only after Nitrogen fill is completed (usually around noon).
  • To reserve or edit time, click on the date number in the top left corner of each calendar day. To edit time you can also double click on an individual time slot.

Add Time

To add time either click on the "Add/Edit" button at the bottom of the calendar or click on the date in the top left corner of each day box.

Make sure the date you selected is correct. If not, you can change it by either:
  • Selecting it from the dropdown menu.
  • Selecting a new day in the bar along the top.
  • Clicking on the "Date Selector" and choosing a new date in the popup calendar.

You may only signup for NMR time 17 days in advance. Trying to sign up for time more than 17 days in advance will result in an error message. If you need to sign up for time more than 17 days in advance, email Jeff Peltion (jgpelton at berkeley dot edu).

Add your name into the box as you want it to appear on the calendar. Select the magnet from the dropdown menu (500 MHz, 600 MHz, or 800 MHz). If you're looking for the 900 MHz signups, go here instead.

If you need to use the magnet all day (starting before 10am and ending after 5pm), you should leave the time selection empty. If you won't be able to start your run by 10am or if you plan to finish before 5pm, you should record this by selecting the start and end times.

When you have filled out all the details, select the Create Event button to add time.

If successful, you should see your time listed as an existing event...

and it will also show up on the correct date on calendar.

Overlapping events are allowed, but the first one to schedule time for each magnet will appear first on the calendar. As in the example below, Jeff signed up for NMR time first and Alex second so Jeff appears first on the calendar and has reserved the November 21st time slot on the 600 MHz magnet. Alex is waitlisted and can use the time slot only if Jeff cancels.

Repeat Events

You can schedule larger blocks of time over multiple days quickly by using the Repeat Events option on the Add/Edit events page before creating your event.

To schedule time for multiple days in a row select the  week(s) on: option and select which days. Then change the "Repeat Until" date to the last day in the sequence. Then click the "Create Event" button.

In the example above, Jeff signs up for time on the 600 MHz starting Monday November 21st and continuing Tuesday and Wednesday.

This will reserve the time slot on all three days. You will not be able to signup for time more than 17 days in advance. Do not reserve an unreasonable amount of time on any of the magnets.

Change Time

If you no longer need a time slot you reserved, please remove it from the calendar. Do not delete someone else's time slot! You can also edit any of the details by following the same steps described below.

First go to the date you want to edit by selecting the date number on the calendar.

You should see the list of Existing Events at the top of the screen.

Selecting the Delete button above will remove Jeff's time slot for November 21st on the 600 MHz magnet. Alex, who signed up for the waitlist, will move to the top of the list and will have the time slot.

The calendar will reflect that Jeff no longer has the 600 MHz reserved for November 21st.

You can also edit an event by selecting the Edit button.

This will take you to a new page where you can change the event new details. You can change the Date, Name or Magnet as shown below.

Once the new details are correct, select the "Replace Event" button to save the new details.

In the example above, Jeff switched his time to the 800 MHz magnet. The result is the following:

Note that modifying a time slot will send it to the back of the queue. If you switch the date of your reserved time to a day where someone else has already signed up you will be waitlisted.

TIPS: You can jump directly to the Edit/Delete event page by hovering your mouse over an event on the calendar. When you see the crosshairs, double clicking the event will send you directly to the Edit/Delete event page.

Double clicking here:

...will send you directly here:

After you change the details you have four options
  • Replace Event will delete your old time slot and replace it with the details that you changed. This will also move your event to the back of the queue.
  • Copy Event will save your old time slot and create a new time slot with the details that you changed. Ex. changing the date copies the event to a new day reserving both the old and new time slots.
  • Delete Event will remove the time slot entirely and won't apply any of the edits.
  • Cancel will return you to the calendar without saving any changes.

If you have any more questions about signing up for NMR time, email jgpelton at berkeley dot edu.