NMR Signups
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You can request NMR time 3-4 weeks beforehand, indicated by a green bar above the calendar day. You should sign up for as many days as you want including time that overlaps with other users. At the end of the week, Jeff goes through the next week of Requested time and assigns time based on user preferences.
NMR time is assigned about 2 weeks beforehand, indicated by a red bar above the calendar day. This means you cannot sign up for time slots that overlap with another user; the first person to sign up for an open day has reserved it. However, if someone cancels and deletes their time, anyone else can reserve that magnet on a first come first serve basis.

On most Thursdays and some other days the magnets will be unavailable in the morning for liquid nitrogen (or liquid helium) filling. Experiments from the previous day must end by 9am or they may be halted before the end. You can sign up for magnet time on a Nitrogen Fill day but don't expect to start until the afternoon.

Requested or Assigned NMR Time Slots: