"Recent Advances in Quantum Monte Carlo Methods Part II"
edited by William A. Lester, Jr.
Stuart M. Rothstein
Shigenori Tanaka

1 ...... What do We Know About Wave Function Nodes?
D. Bressannini, D.M. Ceperley, and P.J. Reynolds

2 ...... Interatomic Forces and Correlated Sampling in Quantum Monte Carlo
C. Filippi and C.J. Umrigar

3 ...... Improved Scaling in Diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo with Localized Molecular Orbitals
A. Luchow and S. Manten

4 ...... A Remedy for the Negative Sign Problem in the Auxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo Method
Y. Asai

5 ...... The Beryllium Atom Revisited
S.A. Alexander and R.L. Coldwell

6 ...... Quantum Monte Carlo Study of the Static Electrical Properties of H and He
M. Hornik and S.M. Rothstein

7 ...... Ab initio Approach to Vibrational Properties and Quantum Dynamics of Molecules
S. Tanaka

8 ...... Efficient Implementation of the Projection Operator Imaginary Time Spectral Evolution (POITSE) Method for Excited States
P. Huang, A. Viel and K.B. Whaley

9 ...... Trial Function Optimization for Excited States of van der Waals Clusters
M.P. Nightingale and V. Melik-Alaverdian

10 .... Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations for Excited Electronic States
R.J. Needs, A.R. Porter, and M.D. Towler

11 .... Quantum Monte Carlo for the Electronic Structure of Combustion Systems
W.A. Lester, Jr. and J.C. Grossman

12 .... Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Mercury Clusters
H.-J. Flad, F. Schautz, Y.-X. Wang and M. Dolg

13 ... Quantum Monte Carlo for Realistic and Model Solids
P. Gori-Giorgi, A. Federico and G.B. Bachelet

14 .... Methods for Coupled Electronic-Ionic Monte Carlo
M. Dewing and D.M. Ceperley

15 .... Toward Quantum Chemodynamics in Condensed Phase via Stochastic Quantization Method
M. Nagaoka and K. Suenob

16 .... Shifted Contour Auxiliary Field Monte Carlo
R. Baer and D. Neuhauser