"Recent Advances in Quantum Monte Carlo Methods"
edited by William A. Lester, Jr.

1 ...... Analytical Wavefunctions from Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations
D. Bressannini, P. Cremaschi, M. Mella, and Morosi

2 ...... Quantum Monte Carlo: Direct Determination of the Difference between True and Trial Wavefunctions
J.B. Anderson, A. Luechow, and M. Mella

3 ...... Atomic Calculations Using Variational Monte Carlo
S.A. Alexander and R.L. Coldwell

4 ...... Recent Progress in QMC Simulations of Systems with Multiple Time Scales: Hybrid Nonadiabatic QMC
D. Bressannini and P.J. Reynolds

5 ...... Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations with Multi-Reference Trial Wave Functions
H.-J. Flad, M. Caffarel, and A. Savin

6 ...... Quantum Monte Carlo Calculation of Atoms and Molecules
K. Iguchi

7 ...... Quantum Monte Carlo with Pseudopotentials for Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules
C.W. Greef, W.A. Lester, Jr., and B.L. Hammond

8 ...... Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Si and C Molecular Systems
L. Mitas and J.C. Grossman

9 ...... Positrons: A Challenge and Opportunity for QMC
D.M. Schrader

10 .... All-Electron Monte Carlo Calculations of Heavy Atom Systems
S.M. Rothstein

11 .... Quantum Monte Carlo with Model Potentials
T. Yoshida

12 .... Monte Carlo Optimization of Trial Wave Functions in Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics
M.P. Nightingale and C.J. Umrigar