Fernando Alvarez

2016 B.S. Rice University
fernando_alvarez at berkeley.edu

Fernando was born in Los Angeles, CA but not a month later he was relocated to his new home in Houston, TX. From an early age, he became interested in science and music and pursued both during high school, but decided to put aside his dream to become a rockstar musician to study physics at Rice University in 2012. However, he soon discovered the beauty of organic chemistry and started medicinal chemistry research with Prof. Damian Young in 2014. During his junior year, he found his one true love in total synthesis and joined Prof. K.C. Nicolaou’s total synthesis group in 2015 working towards the synthesis of biologically important natural products. After a life-long separation, he decided to head back to California and joined the Maimone and Nomura groups at UC Berkeley. In his spare time, Fernando enjoys learning new instruments, catching up with friends, and eating Mexican food.