The Muller Lab: Research in Microfluidics and Dynamics of Complex Fluids

The Muller Group (left to right): Yiran Zhang, Susan Muller, Li Cao, Yong-Bin (Phil) Kim, Margaret Hwang, Naoto Oba, Kari Storslett

Welcome to the Muller Group homepage! We are located in the Department of Chemical Engineering within the College of Chemistry at the University of California-Berkeley.

Our research interests focus on viscoelastic flows, rheology, and polymer dynamics, and microfluidics. We are particularly interested in how biological and synthetic macromolecules behave in flow – especially complex flows typical of materials processing operations in either macroscale or microfluidic devices. We use a range of experimental techniques, including flow visualization, laser Doppler velocimetry, digital particle image velocimetry, rheometry, size exclusion chromatography, light scattering, and microscopy. These tools allow us to study well-characterized fluids in well-defined flows; the results provide benchmarks for quantitative testing of simulations and provide insights into mechanisms of flow instabilities, methods for manipulating macromolecular conformation through flow, novel microflow control concepts, and flow-induced mixing and demixing phenomena.

Please take a look around these pages, and contact us if you need any more information about our group or our work!

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