Theory on Polymers & Soft Materials

We are interested in theoretically understanding the complex structural and dynamic behaviors of soft matter systems. Soft matters constitute the basic components of living systems and are a critical component of materials that could meet the emergent requirements of sectors like environment, energy and medicine.

Modeling complex soft matter systems with multiple components, interactions and length/time scales poses great challenges. We seek to develop simple molecular theories to elucidate the physical insights behind the complex behaviors shown by these systems. With the fundamental advances, we build detailed computational tools using field theoretical techniques, network theories, liquid-state integral equations and computer simulations as a low-cost, high-throughput platform.

We collaborate closely with experimentalists for rational design of new materials for antifouling membranes, batteries, stimuli-responsive gels and biomedical materials.


  • Aug 2021: Congratulations to Luofu for passing his Qualifying Exams!
  • Nov 2020: Takashi Yokokura joins the group as a graduate student. Welcome Takashi!
  • Nov 2019: Luofu Liu joins the group as a graduate student. Welcome Luofu!
  • Oct 2019: Yao Yang joins the group as a visiting scholar. Welcome Yao!
  • June 2019: Chao Fang from Virgina Tech joins the group as a post-doc. Welcome Chao!
  • March 2019: Chao Duan from Fudan University, China joins the group as a visiting scholar. Welcome Chao!
  • Jan 2019: Wang Group starts its journey. Nikhil Agrawal and Zach Lipel join as graduate students!