Steve Heller

Steve "Thor" Heller was born in the Little Norway of the U.S., the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Beginning life in Snoose Junction, Steve was in awe of local UFC champion Josh Barnett, and began fighting at an early age with all of the neighborhood kids. After one particularly rough bout, Steve elected to pursue more socially accepted endeavors, and he instead began to emulate another local, Tom Douglas. While at six years old, his culinary talents were left unappreciated for the most part, the numerous Japanese tourists who visited Little Norway found his lemonade unusually delicious. Steve and his young business partner made thousands of dollars each summer at the local lookout, selling lemonade, cookies, and photo opportunities. Steve's entrepreneurial thirst was whetted, and he began doing yard work for the neighbors in exchange for payment. This led to his purchase of Nintendo Entertainment System and the original Super Mario Brothers game, much to his parent's dismay. Steve's self-motivation led to his high school summer job of repairing computers, a sort of community service, if you will, where his interest was piqued. Eventually, Steve's highly varied interests landed him in the Larry Dalton at UW Puget Sound. Under the mentorship of Dalton, Steve found a passion for chemistry that has managed to keep his attention ever since.

Contact Information

Email: stheller at calmail dot berkeley dot edu