Eric Simmons

Eric "Zoolander" Simmons, nephew of Richard Simmons, was born in New Hampshire and raised in Portland, Maine. Eric was initially drawn to the profession of male modeling with the goal of restoring some of the damage caused to his family's name by his neurotic uncle. After being challenged to a walk off, Eric quickly realized that he possessed more potential than the ability to strut down a walkway. Simmons soon commenced his undergraduate studies at Tufts University, double majoring in Chemistry and Spanish, where his personal daily challenges included attempting to lap the crew team during his morning swims down the Charles and inventing new TLC stains in his spare time while working in the laboratory of Professor Marc d'Alarcao. His masterful abilities in atomic manipulation have led Simmons' friends and family to refer to him fondly as the "Molecular Man."

Contact Information

Email: eric_simmons at berkeley dot edu