Sidney Hill

Born and raised in North Carolina, Sidney "Couch" Malik Wilkerson-Hill spent his days racing and running the other children in school, until one daunting day his dreams were shattered when a determined 1st grade girl could consistently out race Sid. Sid was able to pick up the broken pieces and move on to bigger dreams at North Carolina State University with a motivation to work in textiles. Discovering that molecules are just as fun to manipulate as fabrics, Sid researched polymers under Dr. Bruce Novak and bleach activation with Dr. David Hinks during the semesters, and radioactive synthesis with Dr. Jacob Hooker during summers (where he would secretly hope to gain super-hero powers). Graduating from NCSU, Sidney moved on to UC Berkeley, where he currently laments of the cold weather, and lack of sweet tea, but found he is able to sustain himself solely off of Ramen noodles and Chipotle. He can be found in Latimer at nearly any time of the day (or night), dealing with either two loves of his life: working on his organic chemistry or talking to his girlfriend Charlotte.

Contact Information

Email: smhill at calmail dot berkeley dot edu