Shirley Guo

Born in China, Shirley "Prima Ballerina" Guo spent pretty much all of her adolescence proudly sporting a fluffy pink tutu. She moved to Maryland just in time to start high school and was quite displeased when she was forced to shed her fluffy pink tutu in order to evade comments questioning her sanity. Faced with this sad reality, Shirley found herself quite distraught and tried to alleviate her overwhelming sorrow by taking long, peaceful hikes in the woods and collecting absurd quantities of .3mm mechanical pencils from Japan Town. Now happy, tutu-less, and equipped with very fine lead, Shirley is working on completing an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and studying French at Cal. If you're lucky you might catch her sautéing (leaping, not cooking) through the hallways of the lab.

Contact Information

Email: shirleyguo at calmail dot berkeley dot edu