Scott West

Scott West was born in 1983 in Evanston, Il., AKA "the 'hood." A tragic bicycle accident when he was 12 left his sunglasses permanently rooted to the top of his head. Luckily for Scott, this still allows him to wear his lab goggles. While bearing no resemblance to Adam West of Batman fame, Scott has been known to refer to his car as "the Batmobile," which could explain how he managed to get three tickets at the same time in high school. Scott attended Tufts University receiving a B.S. in chemical engineering for whatever reason. While at Tufts, Scott could be seen puttering around the lab of Professor Marc d'Alarcao working on sugar synthesis and muttering incoherent profanities about sugar. Deciding that nature makes sugar just fine, Scott decided to join the Sarpong group to work on something actually interesting.

Contact Information

Email: spwest at berkeley dot edu