Sarah House

Sarah House grew up in Columbus, Ohio across the street from THE Ohio State University. After getting tired of freezing every winter in Ohio, she moved to Florida to become a cult worshipper of Bobby Bowden aka attend Florida State. At Florida State, Sarah did research for Prof. Gregory Dudley in natural product synthesis. While doing research late one night in lab, Sarah discovered her incredible ability to sleepwalk. Over the years, she has honed her talent to be able to run all of her columns while sleeping. In addition to receiving a BS in chemistry and BA in music at FSU, Sarah became a master craftsman of ice luges and will forever be famous at FSU for her 2-story ice luge. Deciding that college football and drinking are best set in a warm climate, she decided to attend UC Berkeley for grad school and continue avoiding temperatures that approach freezing.

Contact Information

Email: s_house at berkeley dot edu