Saeed Alzghari

Saeed was born in San Fransisco, but spent most of his life moving back and forth between Fort Worth, TX and California. His first memory is babysitting his sister, Amna, and stopping her from eating pennies. He is half Palestinian and half Salvadorian. He almost "failed" out of kindergarten because he was too busy speaking Arabic and Spanish to bother with English. After successfully passing elementary school (and middle and high school) Saeed moved on to attend Texas Christian University where he worked with Dr. Jean-Luc Montchamp on organo-phosphorous compounds. He was also the president of the ACS Club. Because of this, he still carries about 50 periodic table cards in his wallet to handout to any stranger in need of a one. His all-time favorite hobby is DDR, although he also enjoys watching "Flavor of Love" with his sister.

Contact Information

Email: salzghari at calmail dot berkeley dot edu