Raul Leal

Hi! His name is Raul (smile), and he's currently a member in the Sarpong group! What about you? Raul reps Macomb Twp, MI where he spent his childhood playing football, wrestling, and practicing judo because his childhood dream was to defeat Chuck Norris. Oh did I mention that his name is Raul (smile), and that he's currently a member of the Sarpong group? Before joining the group he was an undergrad at SUNY Binghamton, where he did a lot of research with sugars under Dr. Zhitao Li, and according to Raul, "DUUUUDE.. when it was hot, they'd just get really syrupy". Raul is a proud alumnus of Phi Delta Epsilon (chyeeeeeaaaa!!), a medical Fraternity. Excited, however, by the idea of spending the rest of his life in a fume hood, he decided to go with total synthesis instead. Raul's hobbies include catalytic palladations with at least 50 mol% Pd, just so he can say the word palladation, the anionic oxy-Cope rearrangement because it raises his ground state energy, and the ene reaction, because no one ever expects the ene reaction. Whereas normal people drink coffee to get them through the day, Raul prefers large cups of Sriracha hot sauce. Oh and most importantly, be sure to pronounce his name correctly. It's Rrrraul Lay-al, not Rawl Leel. You gotta roll the R!

Contact Information

Email: rleal1 at calmail dot berkeley dot edu