Group Photos 2017
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Group Photos 2016
Birthdays 2016
Around the Lab 2016
A's Game Celebrating First Year Reports
Summer BBQ 2016
Nikki's Qual Celebration

Group Photos 2015
Birthdays 2015
Around the Lab 2015
A's Game Celebrating First Year Reports
Brian's Qual Celebration
Holiday Party 2015

Group Photos 2014
Birthdays 2014
Around the Lab 2014
ACS Dallas 2014
Richmond's Birthday
Graduation Lunch 2014
A's Game Celebrating First Year Reports
Summer Softball 2014
Halloween 2014
Kyle and Becca's GRS Lunches
Kyle and Becca's Qual Celebration
Holiday Party 2014

Group Photos 2013
Birthdays 2013
Around the Lab 2013
Eddie's Qual Celebration
Undergrad Poster Session 2013
Group BBQ 2013
A's Game Celebrating First Year Reports
National Organic Symposium 2013
Amgen Luncheon 2013
NSF Meeting 2013
Paul's Qual Celebration
Halloween 2013
Holiday Party 2013

Group Photos 2012
ACS San Diego 2012
Raul's Qual Celebration
Memorial Day Party 2012
A's Game Celebrating First Year Reports
ACS Philadelphia 2012
Farewell Lunches 2012
Birthdays 2012
Halloween 2012
Around the Lab
Chris's Qual Celebration
Jason's Qual Celebration
Holiday Party 2012

Group Photos 2011
Rebecca's Prelim Celebration
ACS Conference 2011
Jim's Qual Celebration
Halloween 2011

Group Photos 2010
Jenna's Prelim Celebration
Trip to the A's Game celebrating First Year reports
Jessica's Prelim Celebration
Gary's Prelim Celebration
Erica's Qual Celebration
Sarpong Group holiday party 2010

Group Photos 2009
Skiing 2009
UC Berkeley Commencement Ceremony
BBQ at Richmond's 2009
Christmas Party at Richmonds's 2009

Group Photos 2008
Karaoke at Richmond's
Lab 847 wears Sunglasses at Night
Christmas Party 2008
Jess's Prelim Celebration
Sarpong Group Lab Coats

Group Photos 2007
Prelims of the 3rd class
Christmas Party 2007

Group Photos 2006
Skiing 2006
Yosemite Trip 2006

Group Photos 2005
Getting Andrew with a Snowball
The Hammer Dance
Sarpong Group in 3D
Richmond's Birthday
Trip to the A's Game with the Chang group
BBQ at Richmonds place
Gift Swap 2005

Group Photos 2004
Our Lab Equipment
Around Lab
Richmond Teaching his students how to Dance
Gift Swap 2004