Theresa Liang

Theresa was first introduced to synthetic organic research during her undergrad years at UC Berkeley where she worked in the Sarpong group on the total synthesis of galbulimima alkaloid GB-13. She then moved from the west coast to the east coast to Harvard University in 2007 to pursue her PhD studies under the mentorship of Professor Tobias Ritter. Her dissertation work was on the trifluoromethoxylation of aryl stannanes and arylboronic acids and the fluorination of complex natural products. After her 5 year stint on the east coast, Theresa moved back to the Bay Area (a.k.a. the YAY Area) to her alma mater for her post-doc in the Sarpong group. Her research is currently focused on the development of new Diels-Alder-type reactions in the context of complex natural product synthesis.

Blast from the Past!
Theresa as an undergrad in the Sarpong lab:

Contact Information

Email: tliang at berkeley dot edu