Theresa Liang

Growing up in San Jose, Theresa attended the extremely prestigious Notre Dame High School, an all girls' catholic school where Theresa was taught the fine arts of socializing in public and private with other attractive women and of course the critical skill of b.s.-ing assigned religion homework in 5 minutes flat. It was also at this institution, when she was let loose dissecting a fetal pig, that Theresa was first drawn to science. Theresa enjoyed slicing, dicing, and otherwise mutilating this defenseless (and dead) animal so much that she was almost certain that she wanted to become a doctor. Interestingly, when it was time to choose her future college, her primary choice was UCLA. However, upon visiting the beautiful and glamorous Berkeley campus, she was immediately drawn to the environment, where she no doubt saw many potential bums that she could dissect without anyone knowing of missing persons. So much did Theresa enjoy her chemistry classes that she became uncertain whether she indeed wants to pursue clinical medicine in favor of the much more lucrative, although less honorable, field of scientific research. Her current research interests lie in the field of organic chemistry and no doubt the dissection of the local squirrel population.

Contact Information

Email: at berkeley dot edu