Shelby McCowen

Shelby is somewhat paradoxically a Texan though she has no vested interest in Texan football, has never owned a gun, and has not once been seen wearing cowboy “shoes”. However, in fact, she does hail from San Antonio, TX where she studied for a B.S. in Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry before going on to undertake Master’s studies in Chemistry with Dr. McHardy at UTSA. If you’re looking for Shelby on the 8th floor of Latimer you can follow her laugh to the most delightfully obnoxious cat sweater in which you’ll find her working on the diterpenoid alkaloids. In her spare time, you’ll find Shelby cultivating a succulent garden, solving increasingly complex Rubik’s cubes, and mapping the nearest restaurants and convenience stores that sell Dr. Pepper. #sarpongscrubs

Contact Information

Email: shelby_mccowen at berkeley dot edu