Steffen Romanski

Steffen Romanski was born in Essen (Germany). He studied chemistry at the University of Cologne, Germany from 2004-2008. For his diploma thesis he joined the group of Prof. H.-G. Schmalz working on the synthesis of acyloxy-diene-Fe(CO)3 complexes as potential enzymatically triggered CO-releasing molecules (ET-CORMs). In 2008 Steffen started his PhD studies in the group of Prof. H.-G. Schmalz, continuing his work on ET-CORMs. During this time he received a fellowship of the “Fonds der Chemischen Industrie” and after completing his thesis, the “Kurt-Alder-Prize” of the Alder-Stiftung (Cologne). Since April 2013, Steffen has been a member of the Sarpong group at UC-Berkeley with a Postdoctoral-Fellowship of the German-Academic-Exchange-Service (DAAD) working on the total synthesis of bioactive natural products applying cycloisomerization chemistry.

Contact Information

Email: steffen dot romanski at berkeley dot edu