Paul Leger
Paul Leger was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota - a city world-renowned for its freezing temperatures, the first successful open-heart surgery, its above-average literacy rate, and a shopping center which dwarfs even the mightiest mall in Berkeley. Fearing that the city life was too busy for him, he moved to Grinnell, Iowa - a town topping out at a population below 10,000 - to attend the aptly named Grinnell College, where he developed new methods to the synthesis of alpha-cyano chalcones under Professor Stephen Sieck. While there, he realized that it was not the city life, but the subzero temperatures present at winter, that weren't for him. With that, he trucked his way to Berkeley - for as few people know (until reading this fair and balanced biography), Paul Leger has a particular fondness for truck stops. In fact, most psychology experts agree that his original impetus to go to Grinnell lay in the fact that the world's largest truck stop, Iowa 80, was located only 30 minutes away. These days, this deceptively normal boy from up North can be found making fake chocolate chip cookie dough from garbanzo beans, wishing he had brought his cello from home, and helping Beyonce rehearse for her next major performance (he can be seen dancing alongside her at the 2013 Superbowl Halftime Show during 'Single Ladies').

Contact Information

Email: pleger at berkeley dot edu