Philipp Gritsch

Philipp grew up in Vienna, Austria where he enrolled at the Vienna University of Technology to study technical chemistry. During his studies he spent 2 years in Montréal, Canada where he performed research under the guidance of Prof. Andre Charette. Having obtained his diploma under the co-supervision of Prof. Peter Gärtner and Prof. André Charette, Philipp moved to Hannover in Germany for his doctoral studies where he worked with Prof. Tanja Gaich to develop a route towards cyclo-hepta[b]indoles for the synthesis of indol-alkaloids. After a brief stay in the laboratories of Prof. Paul Kosma at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna working on carbohydrate chemistry towards a possible vaccine against HIV, Philipp moved to the Sarpong group in October 2016 to work on the total synthesis of terpenes and is enjoying the vast research possibilities at UC Berkeley.

Contact Information

Email: philipp.gritsch at berkeley dot edu