Jason Pflueger

Jason Jon Pflueger ("Duke Silver") was born in the small town of Hackensack, New Jersey where he attended the Bergen County Academies. Although he really enjoyed the fist pumping life of the Jersey Shore during his high school summers, he decided to divert his energy into chemistry. While in high school, Jason held two chemistry internships working with John Porco at Boston University, then with Jim Leighton at Columbia. After completing high school JJP attended Columbia University working with Prof. Scott Snyder on the total syntheses of heimiol A and hopeahainol D. But at nights, "Duke Silver" could be heard playing jazz hits such as "Soul Man" and "Maple Leaf Rag" on the corner of 53rd and 6th of New York City on his beloved saxophone, which he properly named Betty. After Columbia, he decided to pursue his passion for the synthetic and musical arts at UC Berkeley. So if you ever find yourself bored in San Francisco the second or last Wednesday of each month, make sure to check out our very own "Duke Silver" in action at The Rrazz Room in SF.

Contact Information

Email: jpflueger at berkeley dot edu