Kyle Owens

Kyle Owens proudly hails from Dallas, TX which means if you happen to encounter him in the hallways of Latimer he might salute you with a hearty “hey y’all!” But if his Texan friendliness doesn’t catch you by surprise, his impressive au naturale gingerness might. Although Kyle claims to be 0% leprechaun, we have a hunch that he was born and raised as a leprechaun and came to Berkeley to find his pot of gold – though he claims to be working, Kyle can be found rummaging around the lab, intently searching for his gold. Kyle certainly puts on a good cover, because in addition to his impressive academic background, having received two bachelor degrees in physics and biochemistry from Texas A&M and UT Dallas respectively, he has an incredible talent for synthetic organic chemistry. Kyle previously worked for Uttam Tambar at UT Southwestern Medical Center studying the synthesis of Kopsia alkaloids. Once he learned that his gold had been stolen by the Sarpong group at UC Berkeley, Kyle hopped in his MINI Cooper and drove straight to Berkeley where he will continue to hunt for his elusive pot of gold until he earns his PhD.

Contact Information

Email: kyleowens at berkeley dot edu