Nicolle Doering

Nicolle "Nikki D" Doering, who has no relation to the Hall of Fame rodeo clown Karl Doering (everybody asks), was born in Miami, where she was known to throw some rowdy parties. After several years of partying, however, Nikki was ready for a change. So, at the age of two and three quarters, she convinced her family to move to the quieter neighborhood of Elk Grove, CA, having just learned what an elk was from a recent trip to the zoo. Disappointed to find that Elk Grove was a human city and not actually a community of elk, Nikki took out her aggression by kicking a ball around the house. Realizing she was actually quite good at this, Nikki decided to put this skill to use and started playing soccer at the age of five. 12 years and numerous championships later, Nikki was over the whole Elk Grove thing and, having no more pent-up aggression to take out on a hapless soccer ball, sought to fill this buckminsterfullerene-shaped hole in her heart with something more constructive. Taking the word "constructive" quite literally, Nikki joined the lab of Armen Zakarian at UC Santa Barbara, where she worked on the total synthesis of natural products as well as enantioselective alkylation methodology. Her enjoyable experience there prompted her to come to UC Berkeley and join the Sarpong group, where Nikki spends her time building complex molecules, dribbling solvent drums down the hallway with her feet, and creating elk-based memes for all the internet to enjoy.

Contact Information

Email: nicolle.doering at berkeley dot edu