Eduardo Mercado

Eduardo (Eddie) V. Mercado-Marin (the V. is silent) was born in Los Angeles, CA. His lifelong passion—to become a ninja. He initially discovered this peculiar calling during the 3rd grade, when he and his brother would climb trees, jump off hopefully land on other roofs, and run on walls. Due to the effect this had on Eddie's formative years, he decided to pursue the ninja arts at UC, Santa Barbara. Learning that the ninja major required underwater-basket weaving (and realizing this his mortal enemy—water—would be involved), Eddie diverted his efforts from chopping things in half with his hands towards cleaving chemical bonds in a wildly successful stint in the Pettus lab (toward the total synthesis of complex natural products). Eddie then decided to move as far away as he could from SoCal, ending up in Berkeley, where he continues to pursue total synthetic endeavors in the Sarpong lab. Eddie continues to practice his ninja arts (along with a canine companion—a pitbull/dachshund mix): playing guitar, collecting records/photographs, and remaining a silent bulwark, waiting for his chance to strike...

Contact Information

Email: eduardomercado at berkeley dot edu