Melissa Hardy

Melissa was born in Des Moines, IA, moved to Mesa, AZ when she was three years old and all grown up, then she decided to go back to Iowa for high school studies because freezing winter helps you study harder. She went to Grinnell College for undergraduate and majored in French since her dream was to work as a singer in Disneyland, Paris. She also majored in Chemistry because she couldn't find anything as magical. While doing undergraduate research with Prof. Stephen Sieck at Grinnell College, she was fascinated by biologically interesting heterocycles, and also spent a summer at UMN in Prof. Chris Douglas' lab to learn how to apply methods to natural product synthesis. After getting her B.A., Melissa moved to Berkeley to get her Ph.D. in organic chemistry and make lots of natural products before moving to Disneyland. #sarpongscrubs

Contact Information

Email: melissahardy at berkeley dot edu