Melecio Perea

Cereal, sweaters, the Cheesecake Factory, movies, and everything pizza -- these were the ingredients chosen to create Melecio "Mel" Perea. Thus the Mel was born! He was born and raised in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Initially, he wanted to be a film director but soon he realized that directing a movie is far more strenuous than watching a movie in a theater. Eventually he discovered his interest in organic chemistry during his undergrad. He obtained his B.S. in Chemistry from New Mexico Highlands University, where he worked on the synthesis of heterocycles that exhibited anti-oxidant properties under the supervision of Dr. Brooks Maki. Having tried all the restaurants in New Mexico, he wanted greater adventure in terms of exploring new restaurants, so he decided to come to Berkeley under the impression that he'd be living closer to a variety of restaurants. Currently he is enjoying having pizzas every alternative day, watching Netflix everyday, and of course working on taxoids occasionally. #sarpongscrubs

Contact Information

Email: mperea at berkeley dot edu

Blast from the Past!
Melecio as a visiting scholar in the Sarpong lab: