Vincent Lindsay
Vincent was born in Montreal, Canada and raised in a small town nearby called Brossard. After discovering a passion for organic synthesis in College at 18 years old, he decided to pursue his studies in Chemistry at University of Montreal where he obtained his B.Sc. During that time, he had the chance to gain some research experience during various internships. Under the guidance of Prof. Andre B. Charette, he participated in the development of an efficient Cu-catalyzed enantioselective addition of diorganozinc reagents to nitroalkenes, and then at Merck Frosst worked at elucidating the mechanism of action of Pirfenidone through medicinal chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Tom Wu. His newly found apetite for asymmetric catalysis lead him to pursue his studies in the laboratories of Prof. Charette at University of Montreal, where he obtained his Ph.D. in 2012. He worked on the stereoselective synthesis of diacceptor cyclopropane derivatives using chiral rhodium(II) catalysts, developed various related methodologies and participated in mechanistic studies directed towards the elucidation of the enantioinduction mechanism of these catalysts. In 2013, he decided to move to Berkeley, California to pursue postdoctoral studies under the mentorship of Prof. Richmond Sarpong, where he is currently working on the stereoselective synthesis of Lycopodium alkaloids.

Contact Information

Email: vlindsay at berkeley dot edu