Toshihiro Kiho

Toshihiro was born and grew up in Japan. He obtained his Bachelor and Master degrees under the direction of Prof. Ryoji Noyori at Nagoya University. During that time, he cultivated his passion for drug discovery. After his graduation in 1997, he joined a Japanese pharmaceutical company, Sankyo (presently Daiichi-Sankyo), where he has worked for 15 years. Working on exploratory and medicinal research, he accomplished the total synthesis of three natural products. With this outcome, he obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo under the guidance of Prof. Masakatsu Shibasaki in 2004. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to do research abroad from industry and decided to join the Sarpong group at UC Berkeley in 2012. He is enjoying life experiencing a different culture, as this is his first time living outside Japan. He is currently working on the synthesis of Erythrina alkaloids.

Contact Information

Email: tktokiho at berkeley dot edu