Kevin Kou

Kevin was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. (Canada) and obtained his B.Sc. at the University of Victoria. Over the course of his undergraduate education, he gained industrial research experience working at Neuromed, Targanta, and TRIUMF (radiochemistry), as well as academic research experience with Prof. Jeremy Wulff. He then moved to the University of Toronto (and later UC Irvine) to pursue a Ph.D. in the lab of Prof. Vy Dong, where he had the opportunity to work on a number of different projects, including transition metal catalyzed hydroacylations, DKR's, stereoselective carbohydrate derivatization, and peptide synthesis. In January 2015, he joined the Sarpong group to study the total synthesis of diterpene alkaloids.

Contact Information

Email:kkou at berkeley dot edu