Justin Jurczyk

Justin Jurczyk was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, the "City of Bridges." He spent his undergrad years at Allegheny College, where he worked on measuring polymeric degradation rates for drug delivery systems with Professor Ryan VanHorn. After graduation, Justin decided to move to Berkeley because, though Pittsburgh may be home to 446 bridges, none of them appealed to him as much as the Golden Gate.
In between synthesizing phomactin hybrids, he enjoys eating tuna straight from the can and powdered peanut butter straight the packet so he can fulfill his dream of obtaining the physique of his bodybuilder father while still being able to work with "urgency and efficiency"™. You can often find him shopping online for massive quantities of plaid shirts, patterned socks, and other items that fit his "classy lumberjack" aesthetic or updating his instagram with daily photos of the Golden Gate.

Contact Information

Email: justin_jurczyk at berkeley dot edu