Jose Roque

Born in Cuba, Jose "J Roq" Roque grew up in sunny Miami, where he fell in love with basketball and shirts that show off his biceps. Unwilling to stray far from his hometown, Jose attended Florida International University as an undergraduate, working on reactions of singlet oxygen in the lab of Prof. Kevin O'Shea. Upon graduation, he decided that he needed to make a radical change in his life. As such, he chose to attend graduate school in another sunny state known for its lack of seasonal weather variation and apprentice himself to a grad student with biceps to rival his own. Unfortunately, nobody told him that Mediterranean and tropical climates are quite different. When not in lab, Jose can be found working off his frustration at the lack of sunshine in his life, either in the grad student lounge playing ping pong while mercilessly trash talking his opponents or in the gym working on his beloved biceps. When that fails to lift his spirits, Jose rounds up his friends and recreates the feeling of Miami Beach by ordering a couple fishbowls at Kip's and swimming through the sea of undergraduates present on any given night.

Contact Information

Email: jroqu014 at berkeley dot edu