Hwisoo Ree

Hwisoo was born in Albany, NY, and at the age of 3, she moved to Seoul, South Korea. For 8th grade, Hwisoo decided that it was time to move again, this time to College Station, TX. After a year, Hwisoo’s family headed back to Korea and she finished up high school and began her undergrad adventures. During undergrad, she decided to once again move, this time to Birmingham, United Kingdom for an exchange program. Afterwards she headed back to Korea and obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Korea University. Having already lived in the eastern and centralish United States, Hwisoo decided that the only logical choice for a PhD program was on the west coast, specifically Berkeley, CA. Besides chemistry, Hwisoo also loves stationary, and on her days off, you can find her shopping at Staples, writing on her various notebooks with pencils that have animal shaped toppers, and facetiming with her Siamese cat. #sarpongscrubs

Contact Information

Email: hwisoo_ree at berkeley dot edu