Zachary Hallberg
Zachary Francis Hallberg has lived a rather boring life. In fact, Zach hasn't experienced many of the pedestrian life occurrences that most of us shrug at. For example, he has never traveled to Asia, never gone skydiving, and never single-handedly saved a baby bunny from the clutches of two full-grown grizzly bears. Unlike most grad students who have held their fair share of exciting jobs, Zach hasn't worked in any non-boring occupation. He has never been a stunt double for Justin Bieber and he has never smelled stinky armpits as a deodorant tester. He's never even had a brief stint as a door-to-door laxative salesman. There has been a great deal of speculation into the source of this ever-so-boring life, but most sources point to Zach's upbringing in the humble town of West Lafayette, Indiana. However, possibly the most extreme decision Zach has ever made was to move 100 miles south out of Purdue-town and into Bloomington to attend Indiana University. There, he joined the laboratory of Martha Oakley where he studied coiled-coil flexibility in the context of proteins involved in bacterial chromosome segregation and maintenance. Finally deciding to leave the wonderful state of Indiana, Zach trekked all the way out to Berkeley where he is now combining organic synthesis with biology as a joint student in the Sarpong and Hammond labs. At present, you'll find Zach on the tennis court, practicing water-bending, or blasting baroque opera (or Kelly Clarkson) in the lab.

Contact Information

Email: zhallber at berkeley dot edu