Christopher J Marth

Christopher James Marth was born in Seattle, Washington, before his family packed up and moved to Central Florida where a young Chris spent most of his free time wrasslin' gators. Realizing that his high school only offered the boring, human kind of wrestling, Chris opted to remain aquatic and joined the swim team instead. As an undergraduate at the University of Florida, Chris began his slow transition away from living things and water towards molecules and organic solvents, working in a molecular biology lab and a toxicology lab before joining the chemistry department, working with Professor Ronald Castellano on supramolecular chemistry. Chris got a sneak peak at life in the Sarpong group as an Amgen Scholar in the summer of 2010, enjoying it so much he decided to come back for graduate school, even though it meant saying goodbye to his best friend and constant companion, his black Labrador, Abby. Although Chris now works on total synthesis projects, his days spent with the alligators in the swamps of Florida continue to call out to him, as Chris seeks to one day return to the biological realm, applying all the synthetic tools he learns towards the study of biological systems.

Blast from the (not so distant) Past!
Chris as a visiting scholar in the Sarpong lab:

Contact Information

Email: cjmarth at berkeley dot edu