Brian Wang

Brian “Flying Limousine” Wang is a native of Rochester, NY, known as a “city made for living” least until you turn 18, when it becomes time to go study some chemistry as well as gangsta rap music culture at Cornell University, both of which Brian successfully did. Being born and raised in the “World’s Image Center”, Brian naturally found himself in Prof. Hening Lin’s group at Cornell synthesizing fluorescent small molecule probes for studying NAD-consuming enzymes. At that time Brian also got a chance to extend his dye-preparation abilities working on creating a new generation of ink materials during his summer internships at Xerox. He then spent a year teaching chemistry in Qatar where, presumably under the spell of big oil rigs, he realized that the essence of organic synthesis might extend beyond making dyes. So Brian moved to Berkeley where he joined the Sarpong group, normally busy synthesizing all kinds of very useful non-dye molecules. You can typically find Brian spending late hours in Latimer 844 doing some bad-ass C-C activation chemistry while blasting either Eminem or history of war podcasts. In his free time, Brian likes to project Golden State Warriors games on the group room whiteboard and master his political sarcasm skills with help of a guru - Jon Stewart.

Contact Information

Email: bsw59 at berkeley dot edu