Caroline Bischof

Born and raised in the eastern parts of Germany, Caroline moved to the other side of the country to start her mission at the Ruhr-University in Bochum: to explore strange new worlds (Natural Sciences), to seek out a new life (as a scientist), and to meet a new civilization (the West-Germans). After receiving an undergraduate degree in Biology and a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Caroline joined the group of Dr. Ulrich Schatzschneider for her Master's studies. There, she participated in research projects on ruthenium coordination compounds with potential biological activity. In between, she boldly went for a semester abroad where no Bischof has gone before: to Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Down under, she met with some kangaroos and worked on ruthenium carbonyl complexes under the supervision of Professor Leone Spiccia. During her Ph.D., Caroline explored "the mysterious elements below the periodic table" and, under the guidance of Dr. Michael Seitz, engaged in the joys of the multistep synthesis of near-IR luminescent lanthanide cryptates. In 2013, Caroline joined the Sarpong group to work on the synthesis of indole alkaloid natural products - a process catalyzed by imported German chocolate and supported by rock climbing sessions.

Contact Information

Email: caroline dot bischof at berkeley dot edu