Mike Purdham

“Silent Mike” Purdham hails from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, a.k.a. Minnesota. As most children do, he spent an extensive amount of time in the sandbox, developing his fine motor skills, which translated to his aspiration of becoming an electrician. Several fires and a few shocking experiences lead Mike to pursue a less dangerous career as a chemist at Gustavus Adolphus, working under Dr. Scott Bur. It’s not all work with Mike though, he enjoys camping and rock climbing, and worked as a guide leading Boy Scouts into the wilderness of Boundary Waters. Thankfully, after searching high and low, he was able to find all of them after 7-10 days, including young Waldo, whose red and white striped shirt revealed his hiding spot. While able to successfully navigate the wilderness, Mike finds crowded cities much more difficult. In fact, a college trip to Beijing resulted in a solitary Purdham wandering a Chinese palace for several hours, not of his own accord. This was an especially terrifying experience, as for him there are four main food groups: sandwiches, pizza, fried chicken, and burgers. His labmates have taken notice of this stringent diet, and have bestowed upon Mike the coveted “842 Least Tainted by Culture Award.”

Contact Information

Email: mpurdham at calmail dot berkeley dot edu