Matt Podlogar

When in Boulder, Colorado, within the comforts of his homemade igloo, the young Matthew Podlogar mulled over his destined path in life. Gazing upon the sea of stars hovering over his beloved Colorado mountains, he realized it was time for him to venture to sunny California to pursue his passion for biochemistry. When not indulging in the rigors of his MCB Biological Chemistry degree, Matt lives to run. Early in the morning he runs with others in the Army ROTC program and late at night Matt uses his guise as a total synthesis enthusiast to steal dry ice from the lab as material for his continued construction of the homemade igloos. His pals at the Davis House co-op are cool with it though; they love the Slovenian youth for his cuff-links wearing, igloo building ways. What shall be the next step in his life you ask? Well, "Pottinger" aspires to be a doc someday.

Contact Information

Email: matt_podlogar at calmail dot berkeley dot edu