Massoud Motamed

Massoud Motamed was born and raised in the great Stevenville, Texas. He attended Southern Methodist University where he found his first love, chemistry. Massoud’s intensity toward his classes and lab work on β-lactamases did not leave much time for a social life. Fortunately for Massoud, he met a special lady in chemistry class that he is now happily married to. Although Massoud is a self-described “easy-going, laidback guy”, he does have a wild side…on the road. In only six years, Massoud has had five accidents and totaled 2 cars.** He and his wife did manage to make the journey from Texas to Berkeley in one piece. Massoud is a budding chemist who works long days in lab fueled by diet coke, tootsie rolls, lunchables, and more diet coke. His second love, fine food, created an instant connection with Walter, an undergraduate Sarponger. Massoud and Walter can be found together in 842 Latimer.

**Massoud is no longer allowed to drive as of June 2006.

Contact Information

Email: mmotamed at calmail dot berkeley dot edu