Manuel Burkhalter

Manuel Burkhalter was born in Zurich, Switzerland. Although he never made it into the MotoGP, he nevertheless enjoys riding his Suzuki GSX-R especially when it comes to racetracks. When not on his bike, he likes to spoil his friends with self-cooked meals, going to the sauna or hitting the weights at the gym. Besides working on plenty of part-time jobs, he decided to start his studies in chemistry at the ETH in Zurich. After his undergraduate work in polymer chemistry with Prof. Dr. A. Dieter Schluter in Suzuki polycondensation and with Prof. Dr. Erick M. Carreira on the total synthesis of Banyaside A, he received his Bachelor's degree in chemistry. After having finished his studies at the ETH Zurich, he joined the group of Prof. Richmond Sarpong at the University of California, Berkeley to work on asymmetric alkyne addition to 3-halooxindols and to receive his Master's degree in chemistry.

Contact Information

Email: at calmail dot berkeley dot edu