Kimberly Larson

Originally from Houston, TX, Kimberly "Big Country" Larson did her undergraduate work at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX under the guidance of Professor Frank Guziec, Jr. After earning her Bachelors in Chemistry in 2004, she came to Berkeley, and started doing research in the Sarpong group that summer. Kimberly made the drive out to California in her Chevy Tahoe, which is a vehicle roughly the size of Rhode Island. In her home state of Texas, this is apparently considered a compact car, and in an effort to fit in with the environmentally conscious people of CA, she decided to leave her (larger) truck behind. Keeping with her southern roots, Kimberly has started a campaign for the rest of us to include phrases such as "ya'll" and "Yeah Nellie!" in our everyday vocabulary…. As well as listening to the local country station.

Contact Information

Email: klarson at berkeley dot edu