Katrina Uychaco

One rainy Saturday evening, Katrina somehow showed up at the 8th floor doorstep of the Sarpong group, cold and wet. Laura was the first to find Katrina and brought her in to the comfort of a warm bunsen burner, without hesitating to find her a new pair of dry nitrile gloves. Laura was allowed to keep Katrina after a small deliberation with the Grandmaster, as long as Katrina would not cause any trouble and could pull her own weight. Since then, Katrina has socialized with many of the group members, but tragically fails to remember who she is or where she comes from. Her story goes back as far as a lacrosse game where she was hit in the head by a golf ball from the sky. Unable to find her way home, Katrina settled in at the Pleasanton Bart where she met Rudy, a telegraph local. She spent the next few months with the other telegraphers doing what she enjoys best--watching TV through store windows and eating cheap Walgreens junk food. Her life suddenly changed direction when she spilled a half-eaten bag of Fiery Hot Cheeto's on the sidewalk. Although scattered, the Cheeto's unmistakably resembled a lewis dot structure of Hexane, and Katrina understood that this mystical sign was telling her to become a chemical engineer. Because she could not afford a private education, Katrina decided to go to Berkeley, where she arrived, of course, one rainy Saturday evening. However, what defines Katrina is not found in her scattered past, but in her promising future.

Contact Information

Email: kuychaco56 at calmail dot berkeley dot edu